-Our goal right now is to reduce utilities greatly in America, one home at a time-

Every home is different, every home’s need is a little different. That’s why we take on every home with a new thorough view point

Located in the outskirts of Chicago in quiet Bridgeview, Illinois.

Clear Energy Solutions serves a large radius of the Mid-West from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

What stands us alone is our unmatched service and dedication to pleasing our customers, something we find to be the most important attribute when forming long lasting relationships with our customers.

Familiar faces to work with. Clear Energy Solutions starts and ends your project with the technicians you know and trust. Your technician will always be available to you at anytime for any service, referral or to start your next project.




(Two of our best efficiency technicians)

Developing an energy independent home starts now:

Taking the initiative to make your home and business energy efficient all the way to independent is a balanced process. Clear Energy Solutions develops a relationship with our customers to ensure consistent lower utility costs and to assist in the fight against rising utility rates.

Currently in America, gas and electric rates are on average rising 20% per year. In a matter of just a few years our utility rates can be double what they are today. This is why we master in the art of making a home as efficient as possible. Then, after you decide to get off the GRID, we can design a custom home solar system for you.

We offer only un-matched service of craftsmanship using highest-quality, durable products that provide long-lasting, highly effective, and maintenance-free performance ensuring the highest savings to our customers.

Not only will you save money! You will experience an increased comfort level year-round!

You will either give your valued earnings away to the utility companies or invest in your own home, making it more valuable, more efficient and more comfortable.