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Dedicated to lowering and eliminating utility bills, while making homes more comfortable and worth more!

Who We Are

Our staff are some of the best in the industry, with years of experience providing energy audits and installing our products in your home or office:

  • We have fully trained and certified energy efficiency experts and energy auditors.
  • Our installation technicians are the best in the business and install your Solar or energy saving products quickly and safely.

Solar Energy

Own your utilities, instead of renting them! In the next 10 years you will be renting your utilities at your home and they will continue to go up, guaranteed. In that same span of time that less than that amount money can be used to OWN your utilities for the rest of your life. So, we can rent our utilities forever or own then forever for a fraction of the cost.

Solar energy can completely offset your entire cost of electricity year round. It’s as affordable than its ever been and the most powerful.

Clear Energy America uses top Quality Panels and inverters from top Quality Manufacturers. Our solar systems carry on average a 25 Year warranty. We carry numerous brands, but quality and affordability is the common denominator on all of them.

Other Money Saving Products:

  • Aluminum insulation(Solar Shield) helps block heat from the sun during the summer and traps it in during the winter. Your A/C unit won’t have to work as hard, making it last longer and saving you money!
  • LED lightbulbs are a quick and easy way to save on energy. They are low energy, last longer than other types of lighting, and produce less heat.
  • Solar attic ventilation allows your house to breath more, extend roof life and lower A/C bills

Tax Credits

In addition to lowering your energy bill, we can help you save even more with state and federal tax credits. Save as much as 30% on our solar products.

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