Energy Bill Reduction

Energy Bill Reduction

Energy Bill Reduction

Are you tired of watching your energy bills rise month after month? Want a way to save money while also helping the environment? At Clear Energy America, we provide energy bill reduction services that will not only lower your bill, but in some cases, eliminate it. We use the best in class solar and energy saving products that look great, and last longer than the other leading brands.

How We Help You Save

At Clear Energy America, we’re experts at finding ways to help you save money on your energy bill. We offer a variety of different energy saving products and services to bring your costs down.

Solar Energy

The best way we can help with your energy bill reduction is through the use of our solar products. Solar power is a renewable resource that limits your need for other forms of energy to power your home.

Our solar attic fans are a simple addition to your home that don’t require using energy from your home or business during the day. They remove excess heat and moisture from your attic, causing you to use less energy on cooling your home, and avoid costly repairs. Since they rely on the sun for power during the day, you’re not spending any money running them when it’s light out.

You may prefer a more complete solution. Our solar panels and converters can power your entire home, drastically lowering your energy bill or even eliminating it.

Other Money Saving Products:

  • Aluminum insulation helps block radiant heat from the sun during the summer and locks heat in during the winter, keeping your home the perfect temperature year round.
  • LED lightbulbs are low energy alternatives to the more costly incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, which need replaced often.
  • Surge protectors protect your electrical devices and appliances from damage during a power surge.
  • Power factor correction devices work to make sure your equipment and appliances are using electricity as efficiently as possible.

Tax Credits

Energy Bill ReductionIn addition to lowering your energy bill, we can help you save even more with state and federal tax credits. Save as much as 30% on our solar products.

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