Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Looking to help the environment by cutting down on your power usage, while also saving money? At Clear Energy America, energy saving is what we do. Whether for your home or office, we have a whole line of different products that will lower your energy usage and save you money. Contact us today to find out how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

How We Help You Save

At Clear Energy America, we offer many products and services that help reduce energy usage. We can make sure your electronics and equipment are utilizing power as efficiently as possible, provide solar installation services, and provide many other devices for energy saving.

Solar Energy

The number one way we help with your energy saving is through the use of our solar products. Solar power is a great way to power your home and electrical devices without relying on fossil fuels, which are detrimental to the environment.

Our solar attic fans are a simple addition to your home that don’t require using energy from your home or business during the day. They also help keep your heating bill down by removing heat that builds up in your attic, causing your A/C unit to work harder.

We can also install solar panels and a converter, which can power your entire home, drastically lowering your energy bill or even eliminating it.

Other Energy Saving Products:

  • Aluminum insulation helps block radiant heat from the sun in the summer and keeps it trapped in during the winter.
  • LED lightbulbs are low energy alternatives to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, which are expensive and must be replaced more often.
  • Surge protectors stop electrical surges from damaging your electrical devices and appliances.
  • Power factor correction devices work to make sure your equipment and appliances are using electricity as efficiently as possible.

Contact Clear Energy America

For energy saving products that are cost effective, great for the environment, and will save you money, call Clear Energy America today at (855)-349-6101!

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