Solar Attic Ventilation

Smart, Eco-Friendly Home Solution

Solar Attic Fans are a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home and even save you money. Powered completely by free solar energy, this sleek and efficient attic vent is compact, quiet and powerful! Simply, the function of a solar attic fan is to improve attic air circulation resulting in a healthy, energy efficient home. Solar attic fans pull hot air and moisture out of your attic, extending the life of your roof. In summer months, it keeps your attic cooler, helping reduce the load on your HVAC system. In winter months, it prevents moisture build-up and ice damming. Our Fans are one of the best in their class with the highest standards for quality and functionality. We offer a 25 year product warranty – best in the industry.

Walk-IN BathTubs

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Solar Shield

What is Solar Shield Insulation?

Solar Shield insulation is a reflective insulation effectively blocking almost all radiant heat energy that would otherwise be absorbed by and transferred through your insulation. Solar Shield will significantly reduce energy costs by virtually eliminating the effects of radiant heat transferred to your living space in the summer and reflecting the radiant heat to your living space in the winter.