Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan

A solar attic fan is the perfect solution for homeowners and businesses that want to make a positive impact on the environment, while also saving money. Attic fans help to protect your roof and attic from harsh temperature changes experienced throughout the year.

During the hottest months of summer, a good attic fan will pull the hot air out, cooling your home and removing some of the burden from your air conditioning unit. In the winter, your heater can cause moisture build-up and freezing. An attic fan helps improve air flow, removing moisture, and helping your roof last longer.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Unlike your average fan, a solar attic fan cares for the environment while also saving you money. Instead of drawing energy from your home or business which uses detrimental fossil fuels, solar fans harness energy from the sun during the day. This means you won’t be spending money when you don’t have to.

Key Features:

Solar Attic Fan

  • Solar-powered means it operates for free during the day.
  • Adjustable solar panel bracket to achieve optimal solar exposure.
  • Low-profile unit blends seamlessly into the roof line.
  • Water tight – will not leak and is maintenance free.
  • Fits any roof pitch, adapting to most roofing systems.
  • Stainless steel screen keeps out debris, bugs, birds, and rodents.
  • Seamless, commercial pure grade aluminum powder-coated housing.
  • Direct current, long-lasting, quiet motor with a 25-year warranty.
  • 5-wind precision balanced fan blade made of non-corrosive aluminum.

Tax Credit

Not only can our fans save you money on your monthly energy bill, but they can also save you on your taxes. A solar attic fan from Clear Energy America is so energy efficient that they qualify for Federal Solar Tax Credits, as defined in the Emergency Stabilization Act, as a residential photovoltaic system.

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Our solar attic fans are the best in their class for both quality and functionality. That’s why we offer a 25-year product warranty. For more info contact Clear Energy America or call today at (855) 349-6101!

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