Solar Installation

Solar Installation

Solar Installation

Looking for a cost effective way to power your home or business that’s also great for the environment? The fossil fuels powering most homes are bad for the environment and their costs are always on the rise. Solar power is the best alternative for energy solutions that won’t break the bank. Contact Clear Energy America today for solar installation of one of the best solar cell systems on the market.

Energy Savings

While fossil fuels and nuclear energy sources deplete the earth’s resources, the sun provides an endless supply of solar power. Our solar installation uses top of the line solar cell technology, that provides 5-25% more energy than other solar panels. Each panel efficiently captures and converts the sun’s energy into usable power, making sure you get maximum power production.

Cost Savings

Solar InstallationNot only do solar panels save on energy, they help you save money too. Solar installation is an affordable service that will quickly pay itself off in lower energy costs. In some cases, our solar panels can completely eliminate your energy bill.

Other Benefits:

  • Clear Energy America’s solar panels convert the sun’s energy into the safer AC power, rather than the high voltage DC current powering most homes today.
  • Our innovative design helps protect your investment from the destructive effects of sun, wind, and rain.
  • Great looking contemporary design made of 80% fewer parts than other leading solar panels, ensuring quicker solar installation, and longer lasting units.
  • The Westinghouse warranty protects the solar panels for 25 years and the converters for 15 years.

Contact Clear Energy America

For solar installation that looks great, is affordable, and will last for years to come, contact Clear Energy America. Call us today at (855)-349-6101!

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