Solar Photovoltaic Energy


Go solar with confidence.

Now that you’re ready to switch to energy from the sun, choose the brand you can count on. Clear Energy provides Solar panels from some of the top manufacturers in America and abroad. We deliver the affordable performance you need with the reliability you expect.

The trusted and affordable way to go solar.

Clear Energy uses the best panels on the market with warranties that go 25 to 30 years! Energy from the sun is clean and affordable, and now you can get it from names you’ve always counted on.

Power for the way you live.

A Solar Power System is good for your planet, and even better for your budget. It will not only decrease your dependency on fossil-fueled energy sources, but it will dramatically reduce—in some cases even eliminate—your home energy bill.

5-25% more energy than other solar panels.

Advanced solar cell technology efficiently captures and converts more of the sun’s energy into more usable power for you, while technology on each solar panel ensures you achieve maximum power production.

Sleek, efficient design.

The clean, contemporary look of Clear Energy Solar Panels complements any roof and style of home, but the benefits extend beyond beauty. The entire system requires 80% fewer parts to install and maintain, ensuring years of worry-free operation.